Multipoint Emissions Reporting


Display, trending, data logging, status, averaging and reporting

•Industrial PLC based solution for high reliability
•More versatile and reliable than PC based solutions
•Dust monitors loop powered providing simple low cost installation
•Password protected configuration
•Simple access to current and historical tabular & trend data
•Simple, automated calibration procedure
•Remote data download facility
•Remote display and control facility
•Simple yet comprehensive reporting using MS Excel
•10.4” Colour touch screen PLC
•2Gb micro SD storage card
•Noise immune RS485 communications to dust monitors
•Choice of RS485 or Ethernet communications to remote PC


Multi-point emissions monitoring system

Key features

  • Colour HMI
  • Instantaneous readings
  • Scroll-able trend graphs
  • Semi-automated routine for gravimetric information
  • SMS text message alerts
  • Auto-populating template for report generation


  • Filter plants
  • Multi-point emissions reporting
  • Metals casting
  • Biomass

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