Aerosol Filter

CLF-5, CLF-5/W

Sampling systems consist of a number of components which can have an interaction with the physical condition of the sampled gas. Liquid particles, or aerosols, can form within the sample train which can ultimately cause problems for sensitive analyser components and lead to corrosion and premature failure

The formation of aerosols can be difficult to predict due to the number of factors that can contribute to their formation – ie, acid content, H2O content, pressure changes, inter-molecular interactions, catalytic effects etc.

The deployment of aerosol filters can be a prudent inclusion in the design of a sampling system in order to reduce the detrimental effects of aerosol condensation in key areas.

CLF-5, CLF-5/W

Key Features

  • Acid aerosol stripping function reduces downstream corrosion risk
  • Can be retro-fitted to existing sampling systems to improve performance
  • Semi-permeable, water stop membrane as an option
  • Choice of materials and heating options

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