About Focal Point Technology

Focal-Point Technology takes a consultative approach to working with customers in order to find solutions to measurement challenges while delivering fantastic value for money. We work in partnership with our customers, as building trust and relationships are at the core of our business.

We cultivate relationships with colleagues, customers, and suppliers and pride ourselves on being open, honest, and frank. Enjoying the working experience is one of our core values, committing ourselves to deliver solutions.

Who We Work With

Large industries: such as power generators and large manufacturers with environmental permits for emissions to the atmosphere seeking to interpret the legislation and comply with the terms of their permits. Here, Environment Agency permits may set the rules, and TUV/MCERTS-certified products are likely to form the basis of the monitoring mix.

Medium-sized industries: such as gas-engine generators and glass producers, will fall under a different category of legislation and permitting, and consequently will have different requirements and needs. Our rules and regulations recognise the different environmental impacts of the different natures and sizes of different processes and are regulated accordingly.

Small industries: including metal casting process and small waste incinerator plant (SWIP) operators, will be permitted by their Local Authorities who have an understanding of the interactions and values of the local communities in which they operate.

Testing companies who form an integral role in providing the assurance of good operational practice to all stakeholders – owners, operators, regulators, and the public. They need reliable, quality-critical instrumentation and accessories that travel the length and breadth of our lands.  Engineers and equipment don’t necessarily have a cushy life in this area – durability, transportability, and predictable serviceability are important in addition to measurement quality.

Manufacturers who need to make our consumer products more efficiently, with less waste, and lower environmental impact, aiming for carbon neutrality – the world demands better and cleaner. Whether using the latest Additive Manufacturing techniques, advances in Catalysis, switching to more environmentally friendly fuels, running furnaces to squeeze out more efficiencies, generating the algorithms that will increasingly govern the improvements, or releasing less toxic gases and particulates, they will need to measure their performance and achievements.

Research institutes are at the forefront of the investigation work, generating ideas and testing the theories as to what will work best to get us to where we need to go.

Where To Find Us

FPT has a base at Dunston Innovation Centre in Chesterfield, Derbyshire – right in the centre of the country. A great incubation space for small businesses to survive and thrive, and easily move with the changes. A great resource maintained by Chesterfield Borough Council.

We have two workshop spaces at our disposal for the real work of assembly, testing, and development. Flexible areas that we can populate with tools, work benches, test equipment, gases and regulators, and occasionally engineers.

On-site, at our customers’ works, in full compliance with their, and our own, safety requirements, in locations across the UK, Ireland, Europe, and the Middle East.

Online, in our network of home offices, for better or for worse, digitally networked, embracing the new age of working, making our operations run more efficiently, leveraging the benefits this brings, and returning this to our customers.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Directors, Craig Day and Graham Clark met at Ametek Land over two decades ago. Craig was providing sales support to Distributors in Europe, the Middle East, and South East Asia, and Graham was managing a team of global service engineers providing support all over the world. Opportunity and circumstance would take us in different directions, extending experiences In 2014, Focal-Point Technology was born and has since grown, due to this coincidental meeting of two great minds.

Craig Day, Director

Craig is a technical sales and business development specialist in fields driven by environmental legislation and industrial process efficiency gains, delivered through improvements in measurement technology. A Chemist and Environmental Scientist through education and training, he loves nothing more than digging into the science of processes and imagining the molecular interactions that make up the living and physical world. He can be easily distracted by discussing any aspect and mental health benefits of music, guitars, food, and a good walk or run.

Graham Clark, Director

As Director of Focal-Point Technology, Graham is an experienced electrical engineer, with donkeys years of experience, and an entrepreneur with broad technical and commercial experience. He runs companies in both the engineering and property industries and brings the discipline of Operational Excellence into our mindset. He can be distracted by a good engineering challenge, organic fruit and vegetable growing, a well-maintained golf course, and Spaniels.