About Focal Point Technology

Focal-Point Technology takes a consultative approach to working with customers in order to find solutions to measurement challenges while delivering fantastic value for money. We work in partnership with our customers, as building trust and relationships are at the core of our business.

We cultivate relationships with colleagues, customers, and suppliers and pride ourselves on being open, honest, and frank. Enjoying the working experience is one of our core values, committing ourselves to deliver solutions.

Ethos, Mission, and Values

Like all companies with the aspiration of enjoying coming to work, we want to cultivate relationships with Colleagues, Customers, and Suppliers alike where we can be open, honest, and frank and enjoy the experience of applying ourselves to delivering solutions.

Our Core Values, which we hope you share, are to become a trusted partner, offer analyser solutions from the whole of the market, and provide knowledge, and willingness.

Meet the Team

Directors, Craig Day and Graham Clark met at Ametek Land over two decades ago. In 2014, Focal-Point Technology was born and has since grown, due to this coincidental meeting of two great minds.

Craig Day, Director

Craig is a technical sales and business development specialist in fields driven by environmental legislation and industrial process efficiency gains, delivered through improvements in measurement technology. His specialties include the environment, industrial measurement and chemical analysis.

Graham Clark, Director

As Director of Focal-Point Technology, Graham is an experienced, engineering-based entrepreneur with broad technical and commercial experience. He runs companies in both the engineering and property industries.