Focal-Point Technology take care to consider the conditions associated with different applications. Component parts are selected from the marketplace and integrated to deliver the correct solution which matches the operational and reporting needs of specific customers.

Applications can be divided up into 4 Core Measurement Areas, with a number of sub-groups with different scale and needs:

Emissions, Efficiency, Safety and R&D


1  Emissions Monitoring – CEMS / AMS

(a) MCERTS Certified emissions monitoring

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) or Automated Measurement Systems (AMS) with certification to MCERTS EN15267

(b) Non-MCERTS Certified emissions monitoring

CEMS or AMS Systems where certification is not necessarily required, generally regulated by Local Authorities.

(c) SWIP – Small Waste Incinerator

Special category for emissions where IED/WID conditions can be applied to LA regulated operations

(d) Filter plant emissions (quantitative)

Indicative gas or particulate emissions systems are calibrated against traceable standards

(e) Filter plant emissions (indicative)

Leak location, burst bag detection, compartment monitoring


2   Process Efficiency Measurements

(a) Combustion Efficiency

Typically CO, CO2 and O2 measurements – or a combination. Searching for the sweet spot of optimum combustion efficiency…..

(b) Abatement Plant Efficiency

Optimisation of Sorbent Injection injection systems for acid gas reduction or NH3/Urea injection for DeNOx processes..

(c) Re-heat Furnace

Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and Temperature  are key process optimisation parameters…

(d) Hydrogen Production

PSA for refineries, fuel blending, H2 electrolysers, hydrogen re-fueling

(e) Acid Dewpoint Monitoring

Asset protection by determination of the acid dewpoint – temperature at which acids will condense out of process gases


3   Health & Safety Measurements

(a) Explosion and Fire prevention

LEL and Oxygen measurements to assess raised threat of explosion or fire risk

(b) Occupational Exposure

Ambient dust measurements, and identification and quantification of exotic solvents from novel processes

(c) Human Body Temperature Screening

Viralert offers rapid body temperature screening for fever detection

4   Investigation & R&D

(a) Portable Combustion Analysers

Versatile investigation tool, quick to commission, applicable for many different combustion applications

(b) Custom Measurement Systems

New applications can demand feasibility and investigation resulting in the need to re-configure and existing measurement systems – applicable with TDLAS, QMS and other measurement techniques.