Dust Collection, LEV & Occupational Health

Monitoring filter performance, inside and out, reduces maintenance cost and enables compliance with environmental permits and occupational exposure limits


Extend Filter Bag Life.

Leading international manufactures take pride in meeting their responsibilities towards providing safe and productive working environments for their employees and also meeting the environmental obligations imposed by local authorities. Large investments in Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems, environmental controls, measurement and testing require management and maintenance.

Focal-NET networked particulate monitoring systems can not only provide the traceability of continuous quality assurance of these important assets, but also the justification for extending the maintenance intervals between filter bag changes.

Suitable Products

Process Particulate Monitoring – Network sensors and stand-alone analysers

EMS6 – AC triboelectric sensors

The EM6 utilises AC-coupled triboelectric energy. As particles travel through the process theydevelop an electrical charge. 


ET301 – Stand alone particulate monitor

The EnergyTech 301 is a low cost dust monitor using well-proven tribo-electric technology providing accurate and rapid results


N6-TM – Trend Monitor

Centralised display for up to 6 RS485 enabled sensors with visible trending and management of outputs.


N3-ER – Emissions Monitoring

Datalogging, averaging, trending and reporting for up to 3 RS485 enable sensors. Complete emissions reporting package in compact enclosure.

Air-XD Ambient Particulate Monitor

The Air XD is a state of the art, real-time dust monitor. Designed for rugged industrial environments, both indoors and outdoors, the Air XD provides reliable dust measurement across a broad particle size range. The rich dataset that the Air XD generates allows for in-depth analysis so that problems can be identified and solutions sought. The Air XD represents a valuable tool towards ensuring COSSH compliance so that employees, processes and the environment  are protected.   


Air-XD – Particle size distribution

Simultaneous measurement of multiple particle size fractions, in real-time. Powerful data analysis tools provide detailed PM size characteristics (eg PM 1.0, PM 2.5, PM 4.25, PM 10)