Acid Dewpoint Monitoring

Acid Dew Point Measurement


Coal and Oil Fired Power Processes & Sulphuric Acid Plant

LAND Lancom 200 – portable acid dewpoint monitor

Designed specifically to provide the unique but vital measurement of sulphuric acid dewpoint temperature, the portable Lancom 200 supports boiler efficiency checks, corrosion protection and the management of high-cost fuel additives.

Easy-to-use ADT monitoring lets boiler operators balance acid emissions with efficiency, reducing the risk of corrosion in the boiler and wasted heat/fuel. This lowers operational costs and reduces harmful sulphate aerosol emissions.

  • Optimise fuel additives such as MgO
  • Assess SO3 slip within an ESP to improve ash collection efficiency whilst minimising acid aerosol emissions
  • Improve Air Heater efficiency by managing fouling 
  • Minimise maintenance caused by cold-end corrosion in maintaining the exit gas above the temperature of the dewpoint
  • Monitor acid aerosol emissions (H2SO4 / SO3)
  • Monitor and reduce acid smut emissions

Focal-Point Technology has the in-house experience to

  • Troubleshoot acid dewpoint monitors
  • Repair and service components
  • Update and re-commission  

Condensing acids form in process exhaust gas through a number of contributing factors

Sulphur content of fuel
SO2 content of gas
Excess combustion O2
H2O content
SO3 formation
Catalytic effects – eg V2O5 presence in fuel

These factors are difficult to measure individually, whereas dewpoint can be easily measured and empircally correlated to process conditions