Burst Bag Detection

Monitoring filter performance reduces operating cost

Instantly identify compartment - Reduce maintenance time. Large filter plant perform a harsh duty, continuously removing particulates from final emissions to atmosphere.  Strict environmental compliance demands that these filter plant operate on a continuous basis.  Fabric filter bags will have a limited life span and will eventually require replacing.  A failure of a filter bag due to prolonged abrasion and repeated blow-back will result in a rapid and large release of particulates to the atmosphere.  identifying the problem bag and getting the replacement fitted rapidly can make the difference between a minor and a major emissions breach.

Suitable Solutions

Focal-Net BBD-6

Focal-NET networked particulate monitoring systems can not only provide the traceability of continuous quality assurance of these important assets, but also the justification for extending the maintenance intervals between filter bag changes.

Key features

  • High sensitivity detectors
  • RS485 comms
  • Central data display


  • Low Installation cost
  • No moving parts
  • Easily identify problem area

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