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UKAS accredited stack testing company chooses iFiD-mobile for TOC measurement

UK stack testing company has chosen the Testa iFiD-mobile transportable TOC analyser as part of major upgrade to monitoring fleet. The UK Environment Agency has confirmed that the transportable emissions monitors (T-CEMs) certified to EN15267-4 should be used by accredited stack testing companies where they are available. The commitment to gain EN15267-4 certification is considerable – involving extensive and exacting laboratory tests and also on-site testing at 5 different industrial processes.

EN15267-4 MCERTS FiD

Stack testers now adopt the TESTA iFiD-mobile as their instrument of choice

EN15267-4 MCERTS certification for the iFiD – mobile

The iFiD-mobile can now be offered with MCERTS certification to EN15267-4, BAT for mobile TOC emissions measurement.

The manufacturer Testa GmbH has invested heavily in product certification in recent years. Their strategy was to aim for the highest level of certification possible for the class of analysers and have engaged TUV-Sud as the certifying body. The process has taken a lot of time and effort and has now successfully come to a conclusion resulting in certification to EN15267-3 for fixed CEMS solutions, and now EN15267-4 for transportable emissions monitoring applications. As well as the recently MCERTS certified iFiD-rack, the iFiD-mobile now has its own MCERTS certificate (click link to view full certificate)

The EN15267-4 certification process comprises of extensive laboratory trials followed by field testing on 5 different types of industrial site in order to fully determine robustness and suitability as a truly transportable and universal device.

Have a look at the 1-minute i-FiD-mobile tour

i-FiD-mobile EN15267-4 portable TOC analyser

MCERTS certification for the iFID-rack for on line TOC measurement

We are happy to announce that the NEW iFID-rack 19″ TOC analyser has achieved its MCERTS certification. This follows the rigorous laboratory and on-site tests demanded from the latest EN15267-3 standards.

The “rack” version is the first newly certified instrument from the new family of FID instruments from Testa GmbH – specialists in producing high-quality FID instruments utilised for Emissions Monitoring, Process VOC Control, Waste Incineration Plants, Thermal Oxidisers, Drier and Activated carbon control.

Innovative features include

•      User-friendly Touchpanel 7” TFT

•      High temperature Sample path: 300°C

•      Warm up time: 15 min

•      Built in heated Sample filter 300°C

•      Internal Datalogging by USB Stick

•      Built in Zero gas generator (option)

•      Safety: Automatic Hydrogen cut off

Real time particulate measurement – PM size and concentration in a single instrument

Exposure to dust in the workplace can sow the seed for the development of long-term debilitating and life shortening health conditions, such as silicosis, emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Different types, sizes and exposure levels of dusts can cause different effects – on human health and on value of plant assets. The presence of certain fractions of dust can also point to malfunctions of parts of processes designed to exclude escaping dust.

In a simple to install, wall-mounted box, the Air XD gives the operator an instantaneous and continuous snapshot of the dust profile of a workplace location.

Dust exposure
Protect your colleagues and co-workers

Find out more on the product specific page – Air XD

UK manufactured human body temperature screening system – rapidly deployed

Designed as an out-of-the box solution to assist facility managers in determining whether personnel should be granted access to buildings. The Viralert 3 can be delivered and up and running at your works within a 3 weeks of order.

The Viralert 3, Non-contact temperature monitoring camera, immediately detects elevated skin temperature, Scans in compliance with social distance requirements

Fever screening
Have you got a fever?

Made, delivered and supported in the UK

Focal Point Technology achieves ISO9001 certification

Innovations for workplace safety

Focal Point Technology partners release innovative products to help improve the safety of the workplace environment

The Viralert 3, Non-contact temperature monitoring camera, immediately detects elevated skin temperature, Scans in compliance with social distance requirements

The Air-XD performs real-time measurement of multiple fractions of particle sizes – giving operators a real-time assessment of the concentrations and hence exposure of workers to different sizes of respirable and inhalable dust