EN15267-4 MCERTS certification for the iFiD – mobile

The iFiD-mobile can now be offered with MCERTS certification to EN15267-4, BAT for mobile TOC emissions measurement.

The manufacturer Testa GmbH has invested heavily in product certification in recent years. Their strategy was to aim for the highest level of certification possible for the class of analysers and have engaged TUV-Sud as the certifying body. The process has taken a lot of time and effort and has now successfully come to a conclusion resulting in certification to EN15267-3 for fixed CEMS solutions, and now EN15267-4 for transportable emissions monitoring applications. As well as the recently MCERTS certified iFiD-rack, the iFiD-mobile now has its own MCERTS certificate (click link to view full certificate)

The EN15267-4 certification process comprises of extensive laboratory trials followed by field testing on 5 different types of industrial site in order to fully determine robustness and suitability as a truly transportable and universal device.

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i-FiD-mobile EN15267-4 portable TOC analyser