Gas Detection

FPT offers a complete range of gas detection products designed to protect people and plants against gas hazards in industry, research, and commercial applications. FPT has the resources to provide initial consultancy, from system design to installation of your gas detection a true turn-key capability. We can provide ongoing traceable calibration and maintenance of your gas detection systems for both FPT-supplied gas detection systems and those from other manufacturers.

Products include…

Gas detectors (safe area and ATEX)

Gas detector products include TOC-750 Safe Area Addressable Gas Detector, TOC-903-X5 Dual Gas Detector Transmitter, TOC-750X Addressable ATEX Gas Detector, TOC 750B Standalone Gas Detector, TOC-20 Refrigerant Gas Detector, TOC-30 Analogue Gas Detector – Purchase Online, TOC-625-NHS – Oxygen Enrichment Monitor, TOC-750 Fixed SF6 Gas Detector – Addressable Detector, TOC-750X Photoionisation Detector, and TOC-750 Addressable PID VOC Detector.

Control panels

Gas detector products include TOC-635 Gas Detection Control Panel, ideally suited for small to medium size applications, and TOC-750/650 Addressable Gas Detection System, an addressable gas detection system that is the best gas detection technology has to offer.

Sampling gas detectors

The TOC-750S Aspirated Gas Detector is an addressable aspirated detector which allows you to provide gas detection in areas otherwise difficult to access. The TOC-750S Sampling PID Detector is the most accurate and stable VOC sampling gas detector available.

Portable & wearable gas detectors

Portable gas detectors include; Personal Multi Gas Monitor – SENKO MGT; iGAS Personal CO2 Monitor – Durable & Affordable; Multi Gas Monitor – POLI Monitor; Portable Ammonia Gas Detector; Portable VOC Gas Detector – PID NEO; Portable Oxygen Detector; Portable Hydrogen Gas Detector; Portable Sulphur Dioxide Monitor; Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector; Portable Hydrogen Sulphide Detector; VOC CHUM™ – Portable VOC Monitor; UNI – Single Gas Portable Monitor, and PID NEO Benzene – Portable Benzene Detector.

VOC & benzene detection

VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) detection utilizes a photoionization detector (PID). In essence, PID detectors employ ultraviolet light to ionize a small sample of VOC gas. As the ionized sample releases electrons, the detector quantifies the electron flow, directly proportional to the gas concentration. This information is then processed to generate a precise gas reading. Notably, various VOC gases exhibit distinct ionization potentials. IGD provides a 10.6 EV PID sensor capable of measuring 700+ VOC gases and vapors. For safe and stable calibration, Isobutylene is employed as a reference gas, and cross calibration factors are available for correlation with the specific gas in question.

Drawing upon a century of dedicated gas detection expertise and more than two decades in manufacturing, supplying, and servicing PID detectors, we assure you of the highest quality service and support. Our specialization solely in gas detection guarantees superior safety advice and equipment from a dedicated source. We offer complimentary training on all our products, along with demonstration units for portable monitors. As a CPD accredited source, our team covers the UK and Ireland, providing both online and in-person training. Furthermore, we boast one of the industry’s largest distributor and partner networks.

Service & spares

The TOCSIN 625 comes in a compact and easily installable package, serving as a multi-channel detector controller, whereas the TOC-30A series addressable sensor delivers precise measurements of the ambient atmosphere, specifically designed for detecting a targeted hazardous gas.