Heating solutions

Inefficient heating results in poor process control, energy wastage, and loss of production.



Heating Jackets

Heating Jackets find widespread use across various industrial sectors, research environments, laboratories, and experimental facilities, as well as in production processes. These jackets serve the purpose of heating diverse equipment, including columns, reactors, UHV facilities, valves, piping, flanges, containers, drums, and gas cylinders. Heat is introduced through a heat conductor, either crocheted into a carrier material or sewn on. Our heating jackets are constructed using materials such as glass fabric, glass yarn, or silicate yarn, with the heat conductor following a meander-type pattern during crocheting or sewing. To maintain thermal insulation at operating temperatures, an insulating layer is incorporated. A durable outer cover, tailored to the prevailing ambient and operating conditions, ensures mechanical protection.

Heating jackets and heating mats

Heating Jackets are employed in many areas of industry, in research, laboratories and experimental facilities as well as in production. They are used to heat, for example: columns, reactors, UHV facilities, valves, piping, flanges, containers, drums, gas cylinders, etc.


Container Heaters

Drum and container heaters serve the purpose of warming liquids contained in drums, canisters, buckets, hobbocks, and IBC containers. The amount of heat introduced varies based on the specific application, aiming to maintain the contents at an ideal processing temperature. This process helps reduce viscosity for easy pumping and prevents crystallization. Gas bottle heaters, on the other hand, are designed to warm compressed gas cylinders. Their usage is crucial in preventing icing during high withdrawal rates, thereby mitigating adverse effects on the required gas flow.

Container Heaters and gas bottle heaters

Drum and container heaters are used to heat up liquids in drums, canisters, buckets, hobbocks and IBC containers. Depending on the application, different amounts of heat are introduced to keep the contents at an optimum processing temperature. Thereby the viscosity can be reduced to allow for easy pumping and crystallisation can be avoided.

Heated Hoses

Heated Hoses find application in scenarios requiring the transportation of liquid, viscous, or molten substances while maintaining their temperature. These hoses are specifically crafted for use in bonding technology, filling and dosing systems, medical technology, the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, and extruder applications, as well as in research and development.


You can find more information on this and on supplementary components, such as controllers and heated wall bushings, in the Winkler catalogue below.