ISO9001 Certification

We are accredited!! Or is it certified??

During this period of interruption, uncertainty and general madness, we actually took a deep dive to look within our operations and systems and put ourselves under the scrutiny of ISO9001 stage 1 and 2 audits.

With one of our stated Core Values being the determination to develop and maintain Trusted Partner status with our customers and suppliers, it was certainly a valuable exercise.

During the process we were guided and mentored by experts with many years experience - as a result, we learned a lot and we got better at doing what we do - as simple as that!

ISO9001 Certificate

We also want to put a shout out to Brian Taylor - our ISOGuy.

Brian Taylor - ISOGuy
Big thanks to Brian Taylor our fun-packed ISOGuy

ISO Guy was founded by Brian Taylor to help small organisation implement Management Systems that made a real difference to their profitability. Brian has over 25 years implementing ISO 9001 management System (previously BS5750).

Check out what Brian can do for you at ISOGuy