MCERTS certification for the iFID-rack for on line TOC measurement

We are happy to announce that the NEW iFID-rack 19″ TOC analyser has achieved its MCERTS certification. This follows the rigorous laboratory and on-site tests demanded from the latest EN15267-3 standards.

The “rack” version is the first newly certified instrument from the new family of FID instruments from Testa GmbH – specialists in producing high-quality FID instruments utilised for Emissions Monitoring, Process VOC Control, Waste Incineration Plants, Thermal Oxidisers, Drier and Activated carbon control.

Innovative features include

•      User-friendly Touchpanel 7” TFT

•      High temperature Sample path: 300°C

•      Warm up time: 15 min

•      Built in heated Sample filter 300°C

•      Internal Datalogging by USB Stick

•      Built in Zero gas generator (option)

•      Safety: Automatic Hydrogen cut off