PLC Data Hubs

PLC Datahubs & Multi-Sensor Measurement

Focal-NET Datahubs are a range of products which allow arrays of sensors to be brought together on a common network providing power and signal management.  Making use of modern network technology offers significant cost savings when considering multiple measurement points.  From straightforward trend monitoring to performing complex emissions calculations and time averaged data logging – functionality is enhanced and additional value is provided above that of a stand-alone sensor.

N3-ER Compact Emissions

FOCAL-Net Datahubs have been applied for muiltiple particulate measurement points utilising the Goyen EMS6 network AC triboelectric dust sensor or the CODEL ET301 network sensor. Any sensors with RS485 or legacy outputs can be incorporated into Focal-NET dathubs, making them a truly versatile solution for bringing multiple sources of process information to a local location.

Example multi-point sensor array reporting to N15-ER datahub

Key features

  • Simplify Comms
  • Centralised data
  • View many sensors

Applications / Industries

  • Datalogging
  • Trending
  • Reporting


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