Filter Trend Monitor

N6-TM – Trend Monitor

The Focal-NET N6-Trend Monitor forms part of the range of Focal Point Technology particulate monitors. It is a rugged, industrialised solution for monitoring filter media performance, whether it be for regulatory, plant performance or maintenance purposes. It is used in conjunction with the triboelectric sensor options such as the EMS6 or ET301. Together this produces a fully featured and yet cost-effective solution for monitoring particulates emissions from multiple sources in modern industrial processes

What it does

N6-TM - Trend Monitor
  • Provides high quality and cost effective solution for multiple filter media performance
  • Indicates, stores, and transmits the relative condition of media in multiple filter units
  • Validates and calibrates raw particulate data
  • Provides local and remote alarm functions
  • Transmits calibrated data to remote data collection systems via 4-20mA outputs
  • Includes options data-logging facility for onbaord storage of data

Key features

  • Central data collection


  • Filter plant


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