FID Analysers – MCERTS Certified

iFiD – Portable, Rack or Wall Mount – one instrument engineered to operate in different environments

TOC, LEL, VOC, CxHy, unburnt hydrocarbons

Flame Ionisation Detection analysers – rack, table-top, portable and panel-mounted FIDs for measurement of TOC, VOCs, UHC, CxHy and general organic vapours. Applications include environmental emissions monitoring, thermal oxidiser performance, paint shop, vehicle emissions, shed chamber (VDE 276), LEL safety measurements. FID is the standard reference method for quantifying organic vapour concentration. Internal heat-cleaning cycle available to avoid problems of tar and lignin condensation in biomass applications.

New EU certification EN15267-3 and EN15267-4 TUV and MCERTS certification achieved for iFiD-rack & iFiD-mobile. For environmental emissions monitoring applications where certification to the latest standards is imperative for operation in full conformance


FID - Flame Ionisation Detector


iFiD-Rack – EN15267-3 TUV/MCERTS certification

EN15267-3 MCERTS FiD

19″ rack mountable FID

19″ rack-mountable FID for simple mounting in analyser cabinets.  Fully featured and ready for panel integration along with additional analysers and CEMS accessories


iFiD-Mobile – EN15267-4 TUV/MCERTS certification

Testa iFiD-mobile - EN15267-4 MCERTS FiD

iFiD-mobile – the stack testers’ choice for VOC TOC CxHy measurements

Portable FID for periodic measurements and professional stack testing


Testa  iFiD-wall

Wall mountable, IP65 panel mounted FID – ready for action

Cabinet mounted and weatherproof iFiD. IP65 with window for easy viewing. Swing frame access for internals and maintenance

The extended iFiD family

Being a universal standard for the measurement of bulk Volatile Organic Compounds, the Flame Ionisation Detection technique can be applied to many different and sometimes niche applications. In these cases, extended operational features can be incorporated into the iFiD range and benefit from the enhanced user interface and ease of use.


Testa iFiD-SHED

FID analyser engineered for low flow rates required by Sealed Housing Evaporative Desorption testing

19″ Rack Flame-Ionisation-Detector iFiD SHED for continuous monitoring of different sized Sealed Housings



Testa iFiD DUAL

Dual channel, rack mountable FID, ideal for simultaneous measurement of VOCs from two sources

19″ Rack Flame-Ionisation-Detector iFiD Rack for continuous monitoring of 2 parallel channels



Testa iFiD NMHC

Rack mountable FID with dual channels for Non-methane Hydrocarbons (NMHC) and Methane (CH4)

19″ Rack Flame-Ionisation-Detector with built-in NMHC Cutter



Testa iFiD-mobile NMHC

Twin channel portable FID with methane cutter for NMHC and CH4 measurements

Portable Flame-Ionisation-Detector with built-in NMHC Cutter