Multi-point heated

Heated switching systems

Where practical, the time sharing of analyser systems between multiple sample points can be an economical choice for measurement of a number of different process points.

The need for heating will be determined by consideration of the process gas conditions and measurement performance goals.

Simple heating, to avoid dew-point or to raise the system temperature above that which is influenced by the local environment, can be achieved by deploying self-regulating heaters and appropriate insulation.

Regulated heating, and heating in ATEX zones, will require careful assessment of process requirements, temperature control and choice of materials to ensure availability and reliable operation.

A heated sampling system is not an off-the-shelf product, and can only be offered through technical consultation.

Heated switching systems

Key Features

  • Opportunity to reduce costs of complex measurement requirements
  • Made to order subject to number of required sample points
  • Choice of heating options depending on process conditions
  • Careful material choice to ensure optimum compatibility with process conditions

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