Multipoint Unheated

2-4 multipoint automated switching systems – unheated

Where practical, the time sharing of analyser systems between multiple sample points can be an economical choice for measurement of a number of different process points.

The need for heating will be determined by consideration of the process gas conditions and measurement performance goals.

For measurement of non-soluble or non-reactive gases, for example CO, NO and O2, the need for sample system heating may be reduced or removed.

The design considerations may be limited to freeze-protection, condensate management and valve switch timing, with further considerations of signal and data management.

The unheated sampling system is a standard configurable product, and can be offered with basic technical consultation.

2-4 multipoint automated switching systems - unheated

Key Features

  • Opportunity to reduce costs where discontinuous measurement is acceptable and practical.
  • Made to order subject to number of required sample points
  • Choice of self-regulating heating stages depending on process conditions
  • Careful material choice to ensure optimum compatibility with process conditions

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