Equipment Rental

Short-term use or try before you buy

Before committing to investing in monitorng equipment, Operators may have the need to carry out some short term measurements to establish feasibility, perform investigative analysis, or confirm the presence or levels of components in their gas matrix.

Focal-Point Technology can offer a selection of instruments on short-term lease for the purpose of periodic measurement or temporary installation. Rental customers will be offered favorable terms to purchase new instruments, allowing recovery of some of the initial rental fees and an easier pathway to ownership.

Training in operation and obtaining the best results will also be offered with all rentals.

Portable gas analysers – CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, O2, CO2, CxHy, H2S

Portable multi-gas analyser – Lancom 4 delivers the complete solution for portable flue gas analysis, integrated into a compact battery-powered unit able to measure up to eight gases simultaneously with nine separate sensors.Simple to set-up and easy to operate, Lancom 4 enables highly accurate spot and semi-continuous gas testing adaptable to a wide variety of applications – ensuring your plant maintains full compliance with safety and emissions requirements

Portable gas analysers - CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, O2, CO2, CxHy, H2S

FID – TOC, VOC, CxHy, hydrocarbons

Flame Ionisation Detection analysers – rack, table-top, portable and panel-mounted FIDs for measurement of TOC, VOCs, UHC, CxHy and general organic vapours. Applications include environmental emissions monitoring, thermal oxidiser performance, paint shop, vehicle emissions, shed chamber (VDE 276), LEL safety measurements. FID is the standard reference method for quantifying organic vapour concentration. Internal heat-cleaning cycle available to avoid problems of tar and lignin condensation in biomass applications. 

FID - TOC, VOC, CxHy, hydrocarbons

Compact CEMS – CO, NOx, O2

CO, NO, O2 – compact CEM system offering complete analyser and integrated sampling and conditioning system.  Perfect for small process operators looking to install MCERTS compliant gas analysers in tight space. Additional features include autocalibration package, combustion effiicieny calculations, Total NOx calculation

Compact CEMS - CO, NOx, O2

Industrial CEMS – CO, CO2, H2O, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, CH4, HCl

Multigas in-situ or extractive NDIR hot and wet gas analyser.  MCERTS approved for key combustion control parameters and suitable for extremely harsh operating environments.  GCEM systems are designed to operate with minimal user intervention and provide unparalled longevity.

Industrial CEMS - CO, CO2, H2O, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, CH4, HCl

Portable Mass Spectrometer – QMS semi-portable

100 or 200 AMU, semi-portable QMS Mass Spectrometer, with single or dual membrane inlet, electron bombardment ion source, configurable PC software able to run in scanning or quantitative mode. Applications include key component identification, detection and quantification. 

Portable Mass Spectrometer - QMS semi-portable