Sample Lines


Quick-Lock connection system

For quick assembly of heated lines. Used at dynamometer and engine test beds for carriage of measuring gas into the analysing room safe and conforming to standards.

  • Rugged structure made of high-quality materials. The system is designed for sustained operating temperatures of up to 200°C.
  • Seamless (conforming to standards) heating without cold spots between the wall bushing and the heated line and the heated line coupling

Heated Analysis Lines

Utilised in analytical equipment installed to monitor air pollutants and for process analysis in industrial facilities. The range of application also comprises engine test benches for the development of combustion engines as well as mandatory emission tests and vehicle certification. These heated lines enable the transport of gas samples from the sampling point to the gas treatment system and analyser without falsification of measuring values. They offer reliable service 24/7 over many years, even under tough conditions.
The accuracy and repeatability of sensors and instruments in analytical equipment crucially depends on the treatment of the sampling gas and thus on the correct heating of the measuring gas conduits in accordance with applicable standards and regulations. Therefore, the heating within an analysis system is an important component of the entire measuring unit. With support of the specialists from Winkler, you can easily find the perfect solution for your particular requirements.

Self-regulating lines

  • Heating with self-limiting heating tape
  • Without sensor, no controller necessary
  • Flexible insulation structure with multi-layer thermal fleece
  • Outer jacket with sturdy corrugated hose made of high-quality polyamide

ATEX lines & controllers

ATEX heated analysis lines, ATEX heated hoses and ATEX heating jackets as well as ATEX temperature controllers for different applications. All our ATEX products are suitable for zones 1/2 (gas), 21/22 (dust) and possess completely electrostatically dissipative exteriors. Our ATEX products are certified according to Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) as assemblies-certified/system-approved products with the corresponding documentation as well as an EC-type examination certificate. An internal production control in accordance with the current standards ensures the highest level of quality and safety.

Temperature Controllers

Our range of products spans from basic mechanical devices designed for simple control tasks to microprocessor-based devices tailored for intricate and crucial processes. This extensive selection ensures optimal solutions for nearly every application. Depending on specific needs, the devices can be custom-configured, expanded, or integrated. We adhere strictly to the use of high-quality components in all our equipment. Our in-house development, encompassing both software and hardware, provides maximum flexibility in meeting our customers’ preferences.

Accessories, housings & wall-bushings

Heated housings and manifolds are important components for the gas analysis in environmental and process measurement. With their help, the gas is maintained at the required temperature for an accurate measurement. Heated housings are suitable for temperature maintenance of pumps, filters or similar complex geometries. In a heated manifold gases can be mixed, buffered or passed through.

Heated Wall Bushings are on engine test beds or roller dynamometer test beds to channel measuring gases to the analyser-room securely and according to norms.