Site Surveys

Maybe you are considering moving or upgrading your existing CEMS and need advice on the options available to you.  Focal-Point Technology can carry out an evaluation of your existing system, assess various options and provide a report detailing the findings, options available and matters requiring consideration prior to taking any decisions.  The report could form a significant asset in seeking budgets or agency approval for the proposed modifications.

Investigations and Troubleshooting

All too often we find sites with unexplained issues – why does my CEM indicate the presence of CO when the plant is not running?   Why is there a discrepancy between my CEM readings and those returned from parallel testing?  Why is my CEMS so unreliable?  Why not ask FPT to investigate your problems and propose potential solutions?

Crisis Management

Often when things go wrong with emissions monitoring systems, a remedy is not too far away, but occasionally the right solution can be hard to find and the matter can deteriorate quickly.  Don’t let the situation reach rock bottom; consult FPT for advice on how to prevent matters deteriorating.

Contractor Supervision

Focal-Point Technology can supervise all aspects of work on emissions monitoring systems including installation, commissioning, servicing, parallel testing, data acquisition, processing and reporting installations