Service & Maintenance Contracts

Understanding and predicting life-time cost of ownership for any plant system can be an important function for industrial plant managers.  Allocation of resource needs to be defined and planned for, whether it becomes an internal function or contracted out externally.

A Service & Maintenance Contract with Focal-Point will provide the security of provision of the predictable requirements for maintaining good operation of an analysis system, with key functions carried out by trained experts.

Every system will have some on-going requirements for utilities and consumables, and for a well-designed system this can be a predictable need.

We also understand that different processes will have different operational regimes and dependencies on the data provided by the analysis system.  Therefore, Focal-Point service and maintenance contracts are tailor-made to meet customer needs and budget.

Contracts can be provided with different levels of cover:-

Entry level – ideal for Operators who wish to manage an inventory of spares and consumables on site, and may have trained instrument engineers on site to handle basic service functions in-house.

Intermediate Level – aimed at Operators who may wish to outsource parts and expertise and insure against major breakdowns and interruptions in operation

Premium level – tailor made for Operators who wish to minimise any down-time. Inventory may include consumable, stand-by and critical breakdown spares, rapid response and priority attendance at site, data management and coordination with external certified testing companies.

  • Managing contamination
  • Consumables management
  • Repairs and upgrades
  • Site visits
  • Data management
  • Functional tests
  • Calibration checks
  • Testing